PC Worx was founded in 2006 by Mr. Videsh Sharma. 

 We started as a PC Supply company but due to phenomenal

 growth and demand. we expanded into networking and other

 PC business including installation of CCTV Camera’s and wireless

 networks.  PC Worx is actively involved in the changing and 

 innovative computer industry.

Each of our divisions are specialists in their respective

fields and collectively offer unequaled computer solutions.

Understanding that a PC is one of the most important equipment

 in our clients business we strive to provide an efficient,

 reliable and informed service.  We can give any prospective

 client the assurance of unequalled service and commitment,

 engaging PC Worx will  be the beginning of a long

 term business relationship AND the end of your PC problems.


PC Worx is committed to Black Economic Empowerment and gender equality.

  Both the members of the holding company,

 Vidur Investments CC are members of the Indian Community.

  Fifty (50) per cent of the company belongs to a female.

  This is commitment to SA government economic policy.